Monday, May 31, 2010

Who is Iron Liz!?

Ah, the question that's be driving many nary insane! No doubt creating this blog will bring up additional questions, but here's to hoping I can shed some insight on a few of the more obvious ones!

I've set up some Q&As below. Since I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who want to know what my story is, feel free to ask a question in the comments section. I may or may not answer it though :)

Q: Who are you exactly?

A: I'm Iron Liz the Iron Maiden!

I don't want to give anything away for future plans, but I might be popping up in future reviews.

Whose reviews specifically? Hehe, oh, I'm not telling you that....

Q: No really, WHO ARE YOU!?

A: I'm Iron Liz :)

Q: How come I've never seen you before? Have you been in any other videos?

A: Nope. Linkara's Warrior Number 2 and 3 was my debut, hence the "Introducing Iron Liz" in the credits. There's no continuity for me. I'm completely new, though I have been compiling unreleased reviews for awhile.

Q: Why are you on Linkara's futon? How do you know Linkara?

A: Well, I was on Linkara's futon because I was sucked into Hypertime! ;) It is sort of hazy how I got there... I was sitting at home with my back against the wall, and then a bad sound effect brought me to the futon... It's sort of a funny story how Linkara and I know each other.

But seriously, Lewis is my boyfriend. He's so cute and talented, don't you think? :) We've been together since December and we met each other at work. Our first date was after we both worked the closing shift and got a burger afterward.

Q: What's up with your voice?

A: In all seriousness, my voice is naturally deep due to a medical reasons, and it sounds even worse on camera. Unfortunately, the equipment we used is secondhand and the editing programs we used are nearly 10 years old, which further exacerbates the problem. I'm mildly sensitive about it, so I figured I'd bring it up.

Q: What sort of things will you be involved in?

A: Again, I don't want to spoil what's already been planned out, but hopefully you'll get some more definite answers in the upcoming summer months. There's a lot that's been planned and I think you'll enjoy it!

Q: Can you tell us some more about yourself?

A: I listed some things about me under my profile, so feel free to take a look. I'm trying to make an effort of updating regularly, so in the upcoming weeks you'll probably get some more specifics of things I enjoy or notice. Apart from that, I've got an Economics degree from the University of Minnesota, with minors in Medieval Studies and Leadership. My favorite food is cocktail shrimp, I sell Mary Kay cosmetics on the side, and I'm a purveyor of Metal of only the highest quality...or rather, what I simply like. In short, I'm what you would call a girl geek :)

Q: Is that your natural hair type?

A: Yes! I'm fortunate enough to have naturally curly hair, although it's killer in the humidity! 

Well, that's all for now I'm afraid.  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section, but be warned that I may not answer them :)  

Thanks for reading!!!

Iron Liz the Iron Maiden


  1. Helloooo, Iron Liz! I checked out your profile - looks like we have pretty similar musical tastes.

    So you play World of Darkness games? New or Old WoD? Do you have a favorite series? Changeling: The Lost and Vampire: The Requiem are my two favorites.

    Anyway - welcome to public sphere!

  2. Lovely to see a WoD fan entering the Channel Awesome midst (although I am pretty sure Spoony owns some original run Hunter, from the orange on his shelf). Here's to hoping you do some RPG stuff amongst whatever else you have planned.

    Good luck with all the videos,

  3. Ah, a fellow metalhead! I am pleased by this! Liz, I look forward to reading your work, and I hope that you enjoy some of the same bands as I do! (That shouldn't be too hard, since I enjoy almost every metal band in existence lol.) If you get some time, check out some of my reviews, since I write a lot about metal on my blog. Looking forward to your future work! -Chris

  4. Well how about that. LL and I are both madly in love with metalheads.

    From one geek chick to another, I salute you:

    \m/ \m/

  5. Thanks for introducing yourself, Liz. I look forward to seeing what you have in store in the future.


    Ironbite-sorry bout that...seems I'm just quite a bit insane.

  7. YES. Tool, AC/DC and Infected Mushroom! A girl of my heart!
    I was so curious to see you in Linkara's review, and now that I know more about you and that you'll be making appearences along the way, I'm excited to look out for you! It makes me happy that Lewis has such a sweet girl of his own. ;)

  8. Oh my god you're Lewis's girlfriend! That's so cute <3 This may sound funny, but for awhile since I've gotten into Lewis's videos I've been hoping he had/would get a girlfriend because seriously, he is too sweet and adorable NOT to have one. I can never understand how guys like him can NOT have a girlfriend. Bet you guys are a cute couple!

    Also...your voice didn't seem "unnaturally deep" at all to me. Though I can understand how people can be hypersensitive about such things, but honestly I didn't notice.

  9. First off your adorible, seem awesome (geekdom and your music taste prove that) and I like your voice, its unqie and cool. I hope you and Lewis have great times together and can't wait to see you more.

    Are you going to do your own review show or just going to help Lewis and cameo?

  10. Hooray! New people! :D Looking forward to seeing more of you.

    with minors in Medieval Studies

    So does that mean you grind your teeth at Ren Faires or do you just revel in the silliness? ;)

  11. So from guessing from the interests: Metal, Cooking, and/or RPGs reviews.

    There's already two guys on doing music. While they don't cover the metal angle as much: I'm really hoping for a reviewer who covers cooking, art, or RPGs. Despite knowing from the nickname alone, you probably will be doing music reviews.

    I'm aware of Spoony being a big pen and paper RPG fan, but he really hasn't covered much in his reviews per say. He's done more of the mainstream stuff (D n'D), so I'm glad to see another World of Darkness fan. Would love to see you do any of the old Werewolf: the Apocalypse books. If your angle is bad RPG books, please do Children of Gaia Revised and WOD: Gypsy.

    Again, there's no one on Channel Awesome that solely covers cooking (Either reviewing cooking shows, reviewing food products, restaurants, or doing an internet cooking show). So I'm glad of Brad doing drink reviews recently now.
    Or reviewing art: This could be fanart, going to art shows, talking about art in general, talking about certain artists, showing how to do certain art projects, or how do low scale effects for net videos (Make-up techniques, green screen, etc.).

    Also forgot: Reviewing card games. There's "Board James", but no card game equivalent to cover everything from Uno, Yu-gi-oh, Magic, Solitaire, to even indies like Geek fight. This would interesting to see as a group review at times since many card games require more than two players.

    If anybody knows of any reviewers who fit these bills, I'll like to see them.

    Hope to see your videos soon sometime, whatever they may be. Good luck!

  12. YEAAAAAAAH!!! UP THE IRONS!!!! Good to know Lewis got himself a gal like you! Also, Ironbite, that was friggin' creepy and you can be damned sure I'm bringing it up on TSE.

  13. Also, I'm curious as to just what you'll be reviewing. Like everyone else, I'm assuming Metal (Which makes me wanna up the ante with my own upcoming reviews :P ), but I'd love to see something else. Not to say that I wouldn't welcome another Metal reviewer with open arms of course!

  14. Heh. Hey Iron Liz then. :) Thank you for posting this up, its rather cool to know more people and with a link to others we all know too.

    And your voice is fine, i have the same issues but it shouldn't make others comment. ^_^

    Your first date sounds rather cool to be honest. >.>

    ^_^ Hope to see lots of you in the future.

  15. Oooo the plot thickens I can't wait to see what future videos you will be appearing in, when you showed up in the warrior 2 review I was wondering if maybe you were one of the people working behind the site, you know kinda like the wikia team, but I didn't realise that was your first ever appearance.

  16. :) To the Metal fans I have to say UP THE IRONS and KMDFDM forever SUCKS!! ;) Or, I salute you? (cannon blasts behind me)...

    Well, I shouldn't divulge TOO much about the future of reviews, but I do like the speculation. It'll be interesting to see who's right :)

    As for my own preferences in Pen n' Paper gaming, World of Darkness is definitely a cornerstone. Despite the influx of terrible literature destroying the vampire mystique, I do enjoy Vampire: The Requiem and Changling: The Lost. I've been a D&D fan since the third grade too for that matter! I haven't played much of the older versions of WoD, largely because I got involved in college and the newer editions are out.

    Oh and Akimi, yes, I do tend to avoid Ren Fests. They're fun for what they are, but I tend to be more interested in the historical rather than putting on a corset and drinking cheap beer all day...although that does have it's own appeal >.<

  17. Im glad to meet you Liz, may I ask what got you to want to start reviewing as well?

  18. Hey! I look forward to seeing more form you! Thanks for preemptively answering our questions! Exclamation points! (Also Pen n' Paper gamers are win *nods*)

  19. Linkara is a lucky guy. There aren't nearly enough She-geeks in MN.

    -Dan from Maplewood, MN.

  20. All right, another female reviewer! Sweet. And you and Lewis can compete with Spoony and Scarlett for cutest internet couple. :P

    Can't wait to see some of your videos. Your cameo in Warrior#2-3 made me laugh.

    "minors in Medieval Studies"
    Is that as awesome as it sounds? Because it sounds pretty awesome.

    "I'm fortunate enough to have naturally curly hair, although it's killer in the humidity!"
    Tell me about it...

  21. Nice to meet you, IronLiz :3 and yeah, curls are murder in the humidity. Hope to get to see you in other stuff soon though!

  22. Well it's taken long enough but we finally have a Maiden/Priest fan at TGWTG. Even if it is by a few degrees of separation.

  23. I'm glad to hear that Lewis has found a girlfriend who sounds pretty awesome! I'm also looking forward to the time when you've made enough of a name for yourself or have let us get to know you enough that people will hear your name and not automatically think "Linkara's girlfriend", but rather "really cool person". Wow, I hope that made some sort of sense. I guess the short version is that we're glad to have you as part of Channel Awesome!

  24. Congrats, Lewis is a lucky man, well I guess you can't be that kind of great guy and not get a girlfriend. You sound like a good match and you did Medieval studies (that's just awesome) but knowing that Linkara is a huge fan of Arthurian legend that must lead to many a conversation. Can't wait to see more from you or hear more about yourself.

  25. And the geek girls of the world heaved a collective, distraught breath, their plans foiled by some metal fan with curly hair. Some accepted that they would never have Lewis. Others began plotting her demise. A few tried to figure out how they could swindle themselves a three-way.
    Seriously though, you seem to me just about awesome enough to be with Linkara, but don't be surprised if some fangirls think otherwise. And some fanboys.
    Speaking of fanboys, is it cool with you if I still shudder at his voice when he gets all passionate about comics?
    I didn't mean to sound this weird.

  26. Aww man! There goes my plot to make Linkara mine xD jk

    Seriously, it's great to see that he does have a girlfriend. He's really adorable. Treat him well or you'll have a bunch of angry fangirls at your doorstep :P

  27. Awww...thanks everyone!

    I'm glad I'm being so well received! I was a little nervous about posting, but I'm glad the fangirl/fanboy backlash isn't too strong >.< Hehe, I don't much mind if anyone's lusting after Lewis. I mean, just look at the Linking up with Linkara video! Who do you think was holding the camera ;)

    I really am lucky he and I hit it off as well as we did. It certainly helps we're both as nerdy as we are, and it's even better how he and I can have passionate discussions about Star Trek or cuddle while watching MST3K.

    Again, I don't want to give anything away just yet, but we have big plans for the summer!

  28. Hehe, but no, I wasn't actually holding the camera >.<

  29. When I saw you in the Warrior 2-3 review my first thought was that you were either a never-before-mentioned family member or his girlfriend. Fangirls everywhere weep, Linkara has been spoken for...

    But seriously, you seem pretty cool and I look forward to seeing more of stuff you guys do. Just be wary of robot duplicates, he's had a problem with those in the past.

  30. You wouldn't happen to have been at UM Morris, would you?

  31. I loved your AT4W vid, and it's good to see a metal chick get some screen time.

    I already mentioned this to Linkara on Twitter, but if you need a theme song, I could whip up something Iron Maiden-esque for you to use, and it'd be no problem. Shoot my a line if you're interested at

    Seriously though, the more cool people I know about the better. (Great jerb in the review by the way)
    *~t3h C.

  33. Hoorah! Thanks IL. Love your work so far.

  34. You Are AWESOME To Me Because You Like Metal.

  35. I think your voice is awesome and SQUEEE you and Lewis are so cute!!!! *fangirls* You're a lucky lady- Linkara rocks! Hope to see you in more videos. *glomps the both of you* So happy!

  36. Hah! I knew that was Linkara's voice in the outakes from the B5 review. Speaking of which, I'm really liking this review style. Keep it coming. I liked Saga edition of star wars, though, so be gentle, lol. BTW, you should do a crossover with Spoony on a game review.

  37. I was going to ask you to join my wife and me as our "thundercat". Darn. I'm no Lewis Lovhaug. On an unrelated note, "Yes I belong in the ladies' room, I just have a very deep voice." You should Cosplay Doctor Girlfriend some time.

  38. You mentioned Medieval studies and the like, as well as being interested in Star Trek, so that brought something to mind: Did you know that David Tennant (10th Doctor) and Patrick Stewart starred together in a production of Hamlet? It can be found here, if you and/or Lewis are interested:

  39. Hey, just out of curiosity.

    Do you love each other deeply? You and Lewis.


  40. I really liked this episode because it stated the general problem with the role-playing genre; they're all turning into World of Warcraft.

    On a side note, I really like how you incorporated the World of Warcraft recommendation into this review.

    "If you guys want to play World of Warcraft then go for it! "

    One roleplaying game I've been playing is called, "Mutants and Masterminds 3rd Edition." It is also available as DC Adventures. I've really liked that system so far.

    I look forward to the Star Trek reviews. I've seen the books a couple of times, but I never took the dive. Here's hoping they're good!

    I also look forward to the next time Iron Liz wears the armor. That's really cool!

  41. Heck yeah, Medieval Studies! It must be nice being in the field and semi-close to Kalamazoo. My voice is naturally low (no medical reasons or anything, just naturally low) and I definitely feel you on how recording it just makes it lower.

  42. Iron Liz! I've been rereading through your entire blog and I'd figure I start from the beginning. Keep up the good work!

  43. hello. You studied medieval studies?
    That is so cool.

    Also do you like Dir en grey?