Monday, August 8, 2011

Gaming with Iron Liz Session 4

Our fourth session as the gang attempts to flee Genara and make their way north to Triloa.

And here it is!


  1. Have you thought of using video chat on Google+? It seems to work pretty well for online gaming.

    Here's a breif blog post by a group using it to play some ye olde school games.

  2. So let's see, in these past two sessions the party has picked the pocket of a woman they're now trying to help, set two of themselves on fire, electrocuted another, whacked yet another's knee on a table, and broken the door of a barn.

    Our heroes, ladies and gentlemen XD

    In all seriousness though I'm loving this campaign.

  3. Hey, Hadrian only semi intentionally set himself on fire! >_>

  4. I'm really enjoying the campaign too. The constant threat of derpy death that exists in earlier D&D editions really tends to make things interesting. :) Hope Spoony's back for next time.